Train and test your:
  •  on-line or off-line handwriting recognition system
  •  writer identification algorithm
using the benchmark data sets provided by the Unipen Foundation

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  • November 2011 - the GIWIS tool for writer identification is distributed over a group of beta testers in the forensic and paleographic application domains.
    A GIWIS User Forum has been installed.

  • September 2009 - Announcing the TrigraphSlant data set for testing the slant sensitivity of a writer identification algorithm

  • August 2009 - The Firemaker data set can be ordered, see the Products tab

  • As of August 19 2008, the NicIcon database of iconic pen gestures is freely available for download. This database contains 26,163 iconic pen gestures and several pages of text, both in online and offline, collected from 34 writers. For more information, please visit

  • We are currently involved in an effort to transform the UNIPEN format into InkML. With support from HP we are working on the UPX format. The UPX format will contain tags which are of particular use to developers of on-line handwriting recognition systems but which are lacking in InkML. The UPX 0.9.5 Working Draft is now available here!

  • We are sponsoring several Machine-Learning competitions, such as the Performance-Prediction Competition at the Model Selection Workshop, a satellite event of the IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence, WCCI 2006.
    You can sponsor these exciting competitions in machine learning, too: